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Milestones of our history


On 28 December, Fujian Economic and Trade Commission (福建省經濟貿易委員會) approved the establishment of Quanzhou Licheng District Huixin Microcredit Co., Ltd. (泉州市鯉城區匯鑫小額貸款有限公司).


On 8 January, Quanzhou Licheng District Huxin Microcredit Co., Ltd. (泉州市鯉城區匯鑫小額貸款有限公司) was established with initial registered capital of RMB300,000,000 and primarily engaged in offering short-term credit based loans in Licheng District of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province.


On 29 January, our registered capital was increased to RMB500,000,000.

On 30 April, we were permitted to operate our business and offer our loan services within Licheng District, Nan’an City,Jinjiang City and Luojiang District.

On 18 August, we were converted into a joint stock limited company and renamed as Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co., Ltd. (泉州匯鑫小額貸款股份有限公司).


On 25 August, we obtained the approval of conducting online micro-credit business from the Quanzhou Financial Affairs Bureau (泉州市金融工作局).


On 30 September, the H shares of our company became listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 1577,Short Name: Huixin Credit).  Our registered capital was increased to RMB680,000,000.


In September, our company acquired 47.9% equity interests in Jinjiang Huixin Microfinance Co., Ltd. (晉江市匯鑫小額貸款有限公司), Formerly known as Jinjiang Baiying Microfinance Co., Ltd. (晋江市百应小额贷款有限责任公司).

In October, Quanzhou Huixinxing Investment Co., Ltd. (泉州匯鑫行投資有限責任公司), a wholly-owned subsidiary of our company, was established.